As you might have noticed, we released a v2 of Moonlight Mile S2. This new version includes a little bit better video bitrate (notice the difference in filesize), improved editing correcting typos + some strange wording and a bit better timing. All for your pleasure!!!

Torrent Link

Also in our channel bot as always.

We also noticed that some people came to the channel asking for a SD version for slow computers so if you are one of those, please let us know here and we might consider it pending on how many people want it.


“Wtf!!! The coffee is really cold!!! You’ll pay with your life!!!”

– The_Soulforged –


24 Responses to “MOONLIGHT MILE S2 01v2 RELEASED!!!”

  1. Aren’t we passed the days of sd when hd sources are available?

  2. The_Soulforged Says:

    Indeed, but the days when you can buy a better comp when the old is still up and running are still here 😛

  3. If I can play these on my P3-700MHz using mplayer, no one has any right to complain.

    I haven’t watched the v2 yet, but I found the font used for the v1 very difficult to read. I know you’re going for the ‘sci-fi’ look, but I’d prefer something clearer.

    Good job! I’m really happy someone’s finally subbing this! 😀


  4. The_Soulforged Says:

    v2 has the same font as v1 and I don’t find it difficult to read at all. So far no one has complained about that but font choosing is a very personal matter, what one likes other don’t, it’s always been like that (Comic Sans overusing 😛 )

    Thanx for your support.

  5. My suggestion is to make a DVD rip with a 6ch sound.

  6. The_Soulforged Says:

    Suggestion denied. Although I have to say it was already done (I own the dvd), but people on staff channel started to say that it was better a HD version so there it is.

  7. keep the HD video and use the 6 ch. audio from the dvd and make everyone happy 😉

  8. The_Soulforged Says:

    Not gonna mess with that. It will have the source audio and as the RAWs are 2.0 they will stay like that.

  9. So, at what speed are you guys planning to sub the season 2? Watching the first season at the moment, almost done with it and I love it! Hope you guys continue subbing the 2nd season 🙂

  10. The_Soulforged Says:

    We are going to continue releasing it. The speed? I don’t know. Whenever it’s done it will be out but we don’t have any schedule for it. Just watch something in between the two seasons 😉


  12. The_Soulforged Says:


  13. SSJ_Silver Says:

    I would like a SD release, because the HD is lagging, even with my 2,5Gb ram…

  14. The_Soulforged Says:

    At the moment, you’ve been the only one to ask for SD, SSJ_Silver. There has to be more requests to make a SD version. And RAM only helps a bit, I can play it with 1 GB only so…

  15. I watched the first season when it came out and really enjoyed the series, and now apparently you guys are the only ones cool enough to sub the second season. Unfortunately im not cool enough to have a computer that enjoys playing HD. So here is my vote for a SD release

  16. RainStoker Says:

    Сколько серий перевела ваша группа?
    И не подскажете где можно достать перевод оставшихся серий?

  17. RainStoker: Speak english or gtfo.

  18. RainStoker Says:

    How many series your group has translated?
    Also will not prompt where it is possible to get transfer of the remained series?

  19. Translated by ourselves, 5 series, all ongoing.

    Second question of yours, I don’t quite understand it (using online translators is bad for the health) but if you mean, where can you download our series: in our irc channel and torrent.

  20. RainStoker Says:

    Est li perevod drugih serii?
    Esli net
    Ne znaete po4emy?
    Esli da
    Gde mogno naiti?

  21. Ok, I won’t answer anything else from you RainStoker. I told you to write in english and your comments (beign in english or not) will be deleted from now on.

  22. I got hooked bad on Moonlight Mile last week when I watched the first season (Lift Off), but have not been able to find season two (Touch Down) anywhere – well anywhere that had English subs.

    It looks like the torrent links for ep.1 & 2 are broken on the page, and also I would like to use your IRC channel, but not sure how – could you help me out?

    And are you continuing to sub season 2?

  23. I just downloaded those two torrents well from our tracker and they are seeded.

    For IRC channel just use some of the guides that are on the net to connect and get files.

    As for continuing subbing it, yes we plan to do it but so hard without a reliable translator.

  24. big fan Says:

    love your work, and hope you get back to this project.
    it¨s one of my all time favorites

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