White-Base/Gray-Phantom Patlabor Movies 1, 2 & 3 on Direct Download

White-Base’s past release of Mobile Police Patlabor Movies 1 & 2 and Patlabor Movie 3: WXIII by our present group Gray-Phantom has been uploaded in Megaupload Direct Download. We don’t have anything to do with this uploads so don’t ask us for help if something is wrong with them, we just let you know that they are there in case you were looking for them. The links are:

Patlabor Movie 1

Patlabor Movie 2

Patlabor Movie 3

Thanx to the uploader whoever he/she is.


– The_Soulforged


2 Responses to “White-Base/Gray-Phantom Patlabor Movies 1, 2 & 3 on Direct Download”

  1. The links to the download take me to a MegaUpload with the info on the download, but nothing starts. Just a few links to their “yada yada yada gief us money or your downloads will suck” service.
    Am I supposed to get the download from some pop-up? I think I’ve disabled the software that would stop those… Or am I supposed to pay?

  2. The_Soulforged Says:

    As stated we don’t provide any help with the links but I’ve downloaded A LOT from Megaupload and never paid anything.

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