GaoGaiGar episode 25 released and torrent up!

Today we have released episode 25 of Yuusha Oh! GaoGaiGar in our IRC channel so you can come and grab it on our bots. As you might know, the series is 49 episodes long but no more episodes have come out on DVD (not sure if there will ever be more), so we decided to release a batch torrent with the first 25 episodes of the series. If you prefer to grab it that way (or just help seeding what you can if you already have some episodes) just do so. Hence all said we’ll just take this project as complete.

Here’s the torrent link:


Episodes 1-25 torrent


– The_Soulforged



4 Responses to “GaoGaiGar episode 25 released and torrent up!”

  1. so wait, are the dvds still coming out? will you guys release the show till the end?

  2. The_Soulforged Says:

    I think the topic is clear, no more DVDs are expected to be out by the company so we can not release what is not out. The project is as it is complete, if more DVDs are released in a future we will “finish” it.

  3. johnny-sasaki Says:

    the rest of the series was released in a boxset in August last,do you guys plan to finish the series now?

  4. Yes, we will. When? I don’t know.

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