Super Atragon 02 released! Project complete and torrent up!

And here it is, the final OVA of Super Atragon was released a few minutes ago in our IRC channel so the project is now complete and another one bites the dust. I hope you enjoyed these OVAS as much as we did, just to say that in my opinion it deserved/deserves a longer anime or more OVAS cause it’s quite good. As usual, the torrent for the complete project is up so if you prefer to download it that way or just help us seed, please do so.


Torrent Link

Anyways, enjoy it and vote for us on AniDB or leave some feedback on channel.


– The_Soulforged


5 Responses to “Super Atragon 02 released! Project complete and torrent up!”

  1. Yes I wish there were more too. Enjoyed watching this.
    thank you Gray-Phantom

  2. solidus Says:

    thx g_p, will get of irc later.

  3. aww.. only 2 ova episodes. It could’ve been a lot better. Did the Original Novel ended the same as the anime? oh well, Thank You for rip/subbing this great anime. The action scenes were quite Breath-Taking to me.. 😀 Do Keep on releasing Superb Oldschool animes like this.

  4. The_Soulforged Says:

    I didn’t read the original novel so I don’t know but as I said in the main post, it deserved some more ovas/eps. Well, it was great anyways. Thanx for your support.

  5. Reseed, anyone? I’ve been at 97.x% for almost a week….

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