Eureka Seven episode 36 released!

More new adventures of Eureka & friends have just been released on channel. We know you want it so come and grab it.



– The_Soulforged


5 Responses to “Eureka Seven episode 36 released!”


  2. Anime is like a lifestyle. Its one of the hardest things to get out of! I love to watch at stuff like this. i was PISSED when it stopped coming on AdultSwim.

  3. I love eureka forever.

  4. Believe me, even my parents named me after Eureka
    So, my name is Eureka Thurston
    And, yes….Eureka is the best FOR EVER!
    Me and my palls are working on a projec featuring Eureka Seven’s LFO: Type Zero, Nirvash and Ref board to reality
    A big job, but worth for a hobby
    Come and visit my website, take all information about our project
    We garentee it will be finished by 2012, and Nirvash is open for public by then
    Buy/order your own board designed by you your self
    Even also buy/order your own LFO’s or KLF’s
    Believe me for real!!!

  5. Decent grammar for a 4 yo o.O

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