Outlaw Star (Remastered) 02 released!

Second episode is out.


– Dunpeal

The_Soulforged edit: Here is some “random” screenshot 😛

I want one of those for my birthday!


3 Responses to “Outlaw Star (Remastered) 02 released!”

  1. I’m sorry for marking this up here, but I can’t access the Gray_Phantom IRC channel for some unknown reason. Other chans on Rizon are accessible – do I need an +i or is my IP banned/channel full?

  2. [apologies for being a nub]

    It’s probably something obvious I’ve forgotten, and I can find no email address to contact someone at G_P for ‘elp.

    [/apologies for being a nub]

  3. The_Soulforged Says:

    You need +i , that is… be registered on Rizon.

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