Dragonar 04 released!… and sad news :(

Yes! We managed to release episode 04 of Metal Armor Dragonar after COUNTLESS QCs, so I’m personally happy that is already out. Here’s the torrent link and also in our channel bots:

Torrent Link

Now the sad news, as you might know we are looking for people to translate from Japanese some good series that are not released or not released with a good quality. The translator for this project went MIA and never contacted us again so as we have no translator for this project, it’s as of now STALLED. I don’t like to say that is dropped cause this is the our first project that gets stalled but as you know, what can’t be… can’t be. We did our best to keep it alive but missing that important part that is a translator in a fansub project and knowing how hard is to find someone that is interested in these old (but awesome) shows we have to stall it.

So if you know someone that is willing to help us with it in translating or you are one of them, just contact us in our irc channel.

Hope you’ll enjoy the episode.


– The_Soulforged


4 Responses to “Dragonar 04 released!… and sad news :(”

  1. Thanks you guys for hanging on to the project , i love it so much hope you guys can find a translator soon.

  2. We wish that too. Sadly it seems that no translator is interested in this kind of old and awesome series 😦

  3. slamdunkfan Says:

    i loved this series, i liked it so much i watched the hk rips, thanks for doing this show, definitely one of the most underrated robot shows. it be a wish come true if we see more frequent releases.

  4. My comment from the 13 of September would be valid again. We wish that too but no translator is interested, they prefer to make 1000 versions of Naruto than these old series.

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