Wow wow! Moonlight Mile S2 episode 3 released!

The one you were all waiting for… episode 03 of Moonlight Mile S2 ~Touch Down~ has just been released on our IRC channel and torrent is also out. Here’s the torrent link:

Torrent Link

Hope you’ll enjoy this new episode as much as we worked on it to be out. We are still looking for jap -> eng translators for more awesome shows so if you’re willing to help, contact us in the IRC channel.


– The_Soulforged

Who doesn’t want to go to space?


55 Responses to “Wow wow! Moonlight Mile S2 episode 3 released!”

  1. Thanks for the release!!!!

  2. have you guys dropped cowboy bebop? and you deleted my comment last time when i asked that! not very nice

  3. The_Soulforged Says:

    Cause this is not the place to ask if we have dropped anything, this is a place to give feedback/comments for each release. We have our IRC channel to ask anything else, but however… is it on “ongoing projects”? I’ll tell you that it is, so stop asking stupid questions and better do some lookup next time and your post will not be deleted. We are nice when people know what they are doing.

  4. I just love this anime, thank you for your great work!

  5. Awesome. Can’t wait for the rest of them.

    Thanks. πŸ˜€

  6. Nearly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw someone was fansubbing the second season, I had just about given up hope.

    Well thanks a lot for subbing this great series.

  7. duke fleed Says:

    thank you guys so so much. I hope more attention will be given to this series, so the next episodes will be released sooner. I would donate for that cause.

  8. The_Soulforged Says:

    Episodes will not come out sooner, we don’t work with tight schedules so when it’s out, it’s out. And we don’t accept money donations cause that would mean you’ll expect something in return, we don’t work that way either. Donate us a more reliable jap->eng translator and the eps will probably be out sooner.

    Thanx for the support.

  9. Thanks a bunch πŸ™‚

    Was going to bed, but now i *just* gotta dl and watch this first. πŸ˜›

  10. Thanx for you everything guys!!!!

  11. ThaSniper Says:

    THANKX!!! I really like this anime!! Congratulations for your GREAT work!!! an please… keep going the serie!!!

  12. Kushima Says:

    Excellent work! Thanks very much for your hard work!

  13. KaffiMann Says:

    Was just remembering something, when i watched the series i noted that The_Soulforged did the following parts:

    Translator (I did’nt know you knew Japanese? Must’ve taken a long time!)
    Editor ( [secret] helped out on that part)
    Quality check (With the help of Monestri and 2MFGΒ·X235)

    So basicly, he did it all on his own, with some minor help from others.
    Thank’s alot >The_Soulforged< , kudos to you!

  14. Thank you! Keep rocking. You guys do great work.

  15. duke fleed Says:

    The_Soulforged, many many thanks for taking up the task almost single handed, thanks are also due to those who have helped you along.
    I have been looking for a translator, maybe we can work something if you point me out to where I could find one. Any specific forums or channels?

  16. The_Soulforged Says:

    If only I knew where to find a reliable one… we wouldn’t need that “We are still looking for jap -> eng translators for more awesome shows so if you’re willing to help, contact us in the IRC channel.”

  17. Kamugin Says:

    I’ve discovered this series recently and already watched all episodes available. It was a great choice fansubbing it, because it’s different from the regular harem and/or robot anime that we often see.

  18. nice, I was waiting for this ep so much! thanks… I hope rest of the anime will be subed quicker πŸ™‚ Anyhow, thanks again, waiting for more! cheers…

  19. The_Soulforged Says:

    Find us a regular translator and it will be out quicker. Thanx for the support.

  20. Waiting for the next, thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  21. I just wana say thanks for all your work, and ask if u have find a good transator for this great series. Hope you have (Sorry for my crapy english)

  22. Sadly no. I guess no one wants to work on this.

  23. Thanks so much for all of your hard work.

  24. Strategos Says:

    You guys ever though of doing this series with another Fansub? Working together two team in order to bring this awesome series. For Example: like Formula sub. They, with Shinsen-sub, brought together the first season. This second season doesn’t seems to be going to get license any time soon. I know it’s hard work to work with this kind of things. I want to wish you good luck, hope you guys can finish this awesome series. Thank You for your hard-work and dedication.


  25. duke_fleed Says:

    Why don’t GP drop the project?

  26. Why do we have to?

  27. I hope that you will manage to finish the second season of Moonlight Mile. Good luck on getting the staff you need for this one.
    Enjoy the holidays.

  28. IchimaruGin Says:

    srsly, are you guys planning on releasing anymore eps of this? this was posted in june 08 and its now 09 WTF!!!!! atleast post up a status or something.

    i think im gonna give up with this group and watch the raws instead

  29. Go and do as you please, nobody forces you to wait for us.

  30. Blackstone Says:

    Keep up the good work.
    Just remember everyone they are doing this because THEY want to not FOR your.

  31. I think a joint would be great idea for you guys. I know all of us would love to see this project finished.

    Thanks and good luck

  32. There is no group interested in help with what we need in this project (translating). If you know any, send them over here.

  33. ah, that’s a damn shame! are there any other subs out there?

  34. No, there aren’t.

  35. Pro-chan Says:

    Thanks for releasing the 2nd series of this great anime, i hope you still continue the search for a translator and get this out sometime in the future. Thanks in advance and keep up your quality work, thanks.

  36. Yes, we are still looking for translators. Thanx for the heads up.

  37. The Soulforged,could you please contact me,I would like to help with the translation of Moonlight mile ! You got my email ! Cheers

  38. shinobs Says:

    So did Ios become the new translator? πŸ˜›

  39. Are there any progress?

  40. Is there anyone who is going to continue translating this beautiful anime?

  41. Well, I would like to know how is it going with translation? Dou you already have new translator? Beacause this serie is really good, and even I can understand japanese, but there are many technical terms, so it is sometimes too tough. So I would be very pleased to see next episodes with your subs. Hope there is still hope πŸ™‚ Good luck.

  42. This is starting to look like a lost case.
    I would really like to watch the rest of this series, if it existed on DVD or something similar, I would have bought it long ago. But it seems like it’s never going to happen.

  43. JackK3000 Says:

    Someone can tell us what is going (or not going) on? Or it is only matter of free time (which is not in this case)? I would really like to see next episode.

  44. Blackstone Says:

    Any NEW progres on this sub???

  45. This is killing me not being able to watch the last 10 episodes of this amazing series.

    Are there any plans to finish this series off?

    Being so close to completing the series I wonder why more focus is not placed on it instead of some of the more popular ongoing series.

    After almost a full year without a reply to this thread – could we please get either some hope or closure that this is not a series that will be finished.

    Thanks for all your work so far!

  46. This project is discontinued as we don’t have a translator and more people to work on it.

  47. This is sad news. However, as English is not my first language, I am not certain about the meaning of “discontinue”, because according to that dictionary I used it can have meanings from “interrupt” to “cancel”. Would project resume be considered IF you were contacted by zealous people willing to help eventually finish this, which admittedly, alas, doesn’t seem to be likely at this point, but who knows?

    Thanks anyway for answering after such a long time. I’ve spotted this series only today, and it seems to be an overlooked one from what I got to read, so thanks for having started subbing it in the first place! Thanks for fansubbing at all!

  48. Just watched S02E03…a sad day indeed.

    Thanks again everyone!

  49. WOW… never thought that this release was like ~20 months ago. This is such a great series. Also too bad that ADV(rights now xferred to funimation) didn’t license both season.

    A unique, rare anime genre if you ask me(along with Freedom and Planet ES). Here’s still hoping you guys get a translator for this. πŸ™‚

  50. Lost Abroad Says:

    If you have the scripts for the rest of the series or even the next few I’d be happy to do add subs to the video. I’m dying to finish this series and will do anything I can to help finish it.

  51. Lost Abroad… if you are saying this, you clearly don’t know how to read information. Please read all info above.

  52. +1 to hoping someone comes around to help translate and sub this! If I knew Japanese I would be the first to jump on board!

  53. sgtAlex86 Says:

    just stopped to say that this is awesome and deserves subbing keep up the good work ^^

  54. Still hoping for a miracle to get this fansub going again… Is there really no other group who subbed the entire 2nd season of Moonlight Mile out there?

  55. Help me grayphantom kenobi, you are my only hope. If you guys dont do it, no1 will.

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