Cowboy Bebop (Remastered) episode 04 released!

Episode 04 of Cowboy Bebop in HD Remaster flavor has just been released in the IRC channel. Come and grab it.



– The_Soulforged

“Ride me Cowboy!”


8 Responses to “Cowboy Bebop (Remastered) episode 04 released!”

  1. boxstar999 Says:

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to the rest

  2. It’s amazing

  3. where/how do I get these episodes?

  4. In our IRC channel bots.

  5. ok, and for those of us that have never used IRC, how does that work?

  6. That I won’t be telling you via here. Just search the thousands of manuals that are there on the NET. It’s and easy task.

  7. I cannot open your IRC link.
    Need some assistant

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