Mobile Suit Gundam (HD Remastered) episode 01 released!

Here it is…  as you might know we are a group that treats specially well the mecha genre, well, here we bring you one of the pinnacles, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM original series in HD Remastered flavor and with the usual flag of Gray-Phantom: great video quality, original japanese audio, english fansubbed subtitles and karaoked. All for your pleasure.

Here is some info taken from AniDB for those who don’t know about it (thou I should kill anyone who doesn’t):

“In the year Universal Century 0079,The Principality of Zeon invents a gigantic human-shaped weapon called the Mobile Suit (MS) and begins its war for independence against the Earth Federation. The story depicts the life of young boys and girls in the war, focusing on the young protagonist named Amuro Ray. Amuro becomes the pilot of the Gundam, a prototype MS developed by Federation Force. Through his battles against the ace pilot of Zeon, Char Aznable, and the bitter trials of the war, he become aware of his uniqueness as a NewType.”

You can get it on torrent and IRC:

Torrent Link

Hope you’ll like this new project as much as time we spent bringing it for you. Remember to check the new forum and vote for us on AniDB.



– The_Soulforged

HD Remastered! Cool!


24 Responses to “Mobile Suit Gundam (HD Remastered) episode 01 released!”

  1. Is it actually HD, or just DVD like the existing nyoro~n release?

  2. The_Soulforged Says:

    The topic says it all… HD Remastered. Don’t know what nyorowhateveristhat has done.

  3. DarkAngel Says:

    Awesome, thanks a lot ! =)

  4. DLed it: It IS the same remastered DVD version, not a HD version.

  5. The_Soulforged Says:

    You better start learning what is said or not… cause I’ll say it again, the topic says all: “HD Remastered” version.

    And if it’s the same that those guys did, just compare and buy whatever you like… I’d know which one to buy for sure.

  6. It’s 720×480: standard NTSC DVD resolution. HD is either 1280×720 (in a cornucopia of interlaced and progressive refresh rates ,as goes for the other resolutions), 1440×1080 (‘HDlite’), or 1920×1080 (‘full’ HD). There are also vertical crops of these (e.g. 1920×960), and a few that differ by a few pixels due to odd mastering standards (Japan at one time used the MUSE system which had 1035 lines).

    Remastered this is, HD it is not.

  7. The_Soulforged Says:

    Even after all that wikipedia mastering I still say the same… you were (and still are) the one that is confusing terms here cause we are talking here of a HD Remaster.

  8. 720×480 is definitely not HD by any definition I’ve ever heard. I’d be happy to hear otherwise, but I can’t see any way this release could be described as ‘HD’.
    It’s definitely remastered, and the remaster may well have been done in HD, but that’s entirely moot if the source for this release, and the release itself, is SD.

  9. The_Soulforged Says:

    To close the topic definitely I’ll unveil the source of your problem… you’re still confused cause you are looking at the two terms separately, you have to not look at them as “HD” and “Remaster” but “HD Remaster”.

    And to close it even more I’ll say that of course “HD Remaster” does not mean “True HD”, it just does mean that the video has been put through an HD Mastering process.

    So the term “HD Remaster” is very well used here and even more if you go to an store to buy it you’ll find it tagged that way.

  10. Ah, the remastering process itself is in HD even if both the DVD the source and release are not. That’s rather confusing.

  11. The_Soulforged Says:

    Even if you find it confusing or not, it’s what happened here… the DVD is HD Remastered and so the release is tagged like it. Much better image quality than the original japanese DVDs or R1s.

    And quite common in our group, we’re doing a lot of releases using that kind of source like Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, etc.

    Enjoy it.

  12. I’m most to releases tagged ‘remastered’ if they’re remastered and from a DVD source, ‘HD’ if from a HDTV stream or a BD or HD-DVD, and ‘HD Remastered’ if it’s both remastered AND the source (and release) is HD (like the recent Honneamise BD releases or the remastered Gunbuster movie edition that aired recently).

  13. The_Soulforged Says:

    Too tired and pointless to continue with this… the release is HD REMASTERED. Just download or not, as easy as that.

  14. ^^ yay!!! thank’s i can’t wail for next 48 eps

  15. Oh I see you decided to do this too, our translator who works on it, Bamf, has had a rough string of luck these past two months and hasn’t been able to release the next few episodes, but a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, I’ll download yours and see how it is =)

  16. After watching your version, I have to say it’s pretty good but could use improvements in some areas. Sometimes your translations, especially in the karaoke, are a bit of a stretch. Also I noticed you’re using the episode titles used in the American Dub, which has value in some ways, but often as in episode 1, they are a mistranslation of the text on screen, which might reflect badly on you. But over all, good work.

  17. thanks a lot for your work! i`ll be wery glad to see your next releasses! Good luck for you!

  18. The_Soulforged Says:

    @Lolfang / Translations are usually not the same from one group to another but the general meaning stays the same. In factm I really think that “Gundam Rising!” is wayyyyy better to refer to what is written in the episode name than “Gundam Stands in Solid ground” (way too literal).

    @vit-kun & rest / Thanx for the support 😀

  19. inazumakick Says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been looking for a while 😀

  20. Chuck E. Dee Says:

    Awesome! I’ve never seen Gundam in the original Japanese, and it was much nicer. The subtitles seemed accurate and natural too.

  21. Looking forward for more quality releases since i know you guys are great, further it is hardsub i love it so much 🙂

    Thanks for all the hardwork.

  22. There will be more Gundam 0079 soon. I’m kinda busy with work. Thanx for the support.

  23. digitalrurouni Says:

    Oh my god are you serious? Thats so awesome! Let me know how I can be of help to help you get your releases out!

  24. The Gundam look the same and funny I am hoping the gundam design looks like gundam 0.

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