Votoms Remastered 03 out!

Third episode released. Enjoy.


Reign of fire.


3 Responses to “Votoms Remastered 03 out!”

  1. Excelent, but i can not conect in irc. Appear a mesage You need to identify. What happen?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    P3: Once you connect to Rizon, type “/msg nickserv register password email” (minus the quotation marks), where “password” is the password you would like, and “email” is your email address where nickserv can send you a verification email. This registers your nickname on that particular server. After doing so, check your email for a message from nickserv asking for verification. Follow the accompanying link and you will be registered, after which you can enter the channel.

  3. Okay thanks, I will try.

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