Eureka Seven episode 45 released!

New Eureka Seven episode it’s out, episode 45. Only five episodes more o go, bet you’re counting them.



– The_Soulforged

Your eyes are like shining stars sweety…


6 Responses to “Eureka Seven episode 45 released!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks so much! your DVD encodes are the best!

  2. Thanks for another episode. Great DVD encoders probably the best i have ever seen!

  3. As always, thanks for your hard work!

  4. elianthos Says:

    thank you very much for your good work on this good series ^^ *bows*

  5. woah Clockwork Orange Eureka!
    I really should start watching this….

  6. Eureka 7… The best damn anime there is!
    Thanks for your releases!

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