Weekly releases (26.01-30.01)

Stuff released during this week:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam episode 01v2, now it’s softsubbed by popular claim. Enjoy.  –> Torrent Link
  • Toward the Terra episode 11
  • GaoGaiGar episode 28
  • Votoms (Remastered) episodes 46 & 47

Enjoy these new releases.


– The_Soulforged






5 Responses to “Weekly releases (26.01-30.01)”

  1. Thanks for the releases :p just want to ask whether the future Mobile Suit Gundam releases will there be anymore hardsub? Thanks

  2. No, it will be softsubbed from now on.

  3. oic, last time your guys prefer hardsub (I also prefer hardsub).Thanks

  4. People almost killed us for using hardsubs. I still don’t mind watching hardsubs with anime but it seems people care and we won’t release two versions of the same thing. I guess we cannot make happy everyone.

  5. psuedonymous Says:

    Don’t worry Zhu, it’s easy to encode the softsub into a hardsub with something like YAMB. Going from hardsub to softsub however requires finding a clean raw, encoding it (unless you have space for the ISOs), and spending an hour or so per episode with subrip and aegisub. Plus with softsubs you can often turn the karaoke off (always a bonus).
    Yes, hardsubs are required for 99% of portable media players (IIRC, only one of the Cowans can play MKVs, though support is starting to appear for other upcoming players), but seeing as most players need to have files re-encoded for them anyway, hardsubs lose their advantage there.

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