Little help needed

No, we are not dead; we are just lazier than usual (if that’s possible) but we are working on more new episodes for you. I’m writing this post because our main distro provider, letsgo2u is having some problems to maintain the server as he is now jobless so if you can donate some money it would be great. If not who knows what will happen, maybe the two bots he carries would have to disappear (GP|Archive and GP|New-Releases).

The paypal link can be found on his bots website:

paypalThanx in advance.

– The_Soulforged


11 Responses to “Little help needed”

  1. (3 months later) You guys still aren’t dead are you?

  2. No we are not. In fact we are preparing more new series for your pleasure, we run out of episodes ready releasing 5+ episodes during a lot of time. But we are busier than usual with real life (me at least).

  3. Sounds good…glad to hear you guys are still alive and kicking. Can’t wait to see what the new series are.

  4. Septeus7 Says:

    Nice to see that you are still planning on new series but whatever happened to Moonlight Mile season 2?

  5. I’ll repeat for the 100000000 time. As we are now, we don’t have a translator.

  6. Are you guys still alive? ^^;;
    I’m here on behalf of the Eureka SeveN Fan Forums (, and I was just wondering if your group had considered subbing the Eureka SeveN movie (since you guys subbed Eureka SeveN)
    We have a RAW version if you’re looking for it as well! (Just got ahold of it today, actually xD;; ), so… are you guys considering fansubbing the movie (a lot of people would be really grateful, myself included! ^^)

  7. We didn’t sub E7, we ripped the dvds. We don’t have a translator right now so we can’t fansub anything atm. And yes, we are alive and kickin’ we are preparing more episodes and new series for you all.

  8. fr0stbyte Says:

    So recession’s taken a toll on your distro provider? I hope he finds work soon. Good luck!

  9. Feel like throwing us a bone and telling us what these new shows are? =)

  10. Niet, you’ll have to wait till it’s out. I’ll only say that are some of my favourite series: one mecha, one space related and one non-mecha.

  11. Great to see you guys aren’t dead. I am still looking forward to some of your remastered releases, like Tekkeman Blade, etc. Most of your guys HQ/DVD rip releases like that are always -way- better than what’s been out (like Bubblegum Crisis), so that’s awesome.

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