New releases 31.08-04.09

Here’s the stuff released during the week:

  • Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 04
  • Towards the Terra episode 17
  • GaoGaiGar episode 33

Enjoy them.


– The_Soulforged

(G_P) Heroic Legend of Arslan 04(x264)(43427881).mkv - 00000

(G_P) Toward the Terra 17(x264)(802430CF).mkv - 00000

(G_P) GaoGaiGar 33(x264)(41F814E4).mkv - 00000


5 Responses to “New releases 31.08-04.09”

  1. Seriously… Stupid question.
    Where do I find your releases? lol. How me download? Only on IRC?
    I really wanna watch Toward the Terra but… /facepalms self.

  2. On IRC or torrent if the series are finished.

  3. Okay. Thanks =-)

  4. Have you guys ever rereleased New Getter Robo?

    I’m literally too stupid to use IRC…I’ve been a Super Robo/Getter fan for a while and downloaded the original White Base release of New Getter Robo, but my old computer died. Do you have NWGR as a Grey Phantom Torrent?

  5. We don’t give support to W_B files anymore. But you can find a torrent for that on BAKABT:

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