More new releases!

Here are some more new releases during the past two weeks:

  • Towards the Terra episode 18
  • Tekkaman Blade episodes 31 & 32
  • GaoGaiGar episode 34

Enjoy them.


– The_Soulforged

(G_P) Toward the Terra 18(x264)(32926C12).mkv - 00000

(G_P) Tekkaman Blade 31(x264)(82EA8C87).mkv - 00000

(G_P) Tekkaman Blade 32(x264)(C65ABF8E).mkv - 00000

(G_P) GaoGaiGar 34(x264)(F54B49A4).mkv - 00000


4 Responses to “More new releases!”

  1. Thanx for Terra! 🙂

  2. And the rest? No thanx?

  3. yes thanx ^^

  4. Yes! Towards the (completion of) Terra…

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