More new releases and new series started… Big O! Action!

Sorry for the delay with new information. We have been releasing continously so if you want to stay tuned for new shit just come to our IRC channel. We have started a new series for your pleasure, with the usual quality of G_P. So here’s the stuff released since last post:

  • The Big O episodes 1 & 2
  • Tekkaman Blade episodes 36-39
  • GaoGaiGar episodes 42-46

Hope you like the new series as well as the other episodes.



– The_Soulforged


3 Responses to “More new releases and new series started… Big O! Action!”

  1. Damn! I was holding off on watching more GGG until you guys finished it, but hell I may as well pickup the pace with the speed you guys are going at. 42-46!? Nice.

  2. It’s not we are going at uber fast speed, we just keep the usual pace of about 1 ep per week. I just don’t update the website so often, I don’t have time.

    If you want to be updated regularly go to the IRC channel.

  3. ZullOnituWa Says:

    hello guys, this is probably not the right place to do this but (if anyway could point me on the right direction I’d be thankful) anyway I’m unable to join the irc chat. Message shows “#Gray_Phantom unable to join channel (address is banned)”. I had to reboot and when I came back it’s like this. I don’t think I did nothing unapropried on the channel (I actualy did almost nothing at all), so guys, what could be cousing/could have coused this and what can I do to fix it? If the nick I was using is somehow important I can say it if asked, ok?

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