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New releases update… GaoGaiGar finished and new series started, General Daimos!!!

Posted in GaoGaiGar, General Daimos, Tekkaman Blade, The Big O on February 7, 2010 by The_Soulforged

Here is the update for the new episodes released during these past weeks. We have finished another long project, GaoGaiGar, and we have started a new project for your pleasure, General Daimos. We released RAW for episode 1 in the past and now we bring you the complete shit with its subtitles and all.

  • General Daimos episodes 1 & 2

Episode 01 torrent

Episode 02 torrent

  • The Big O episode 03
  • Tekkaman Blade episodes 40-43
  • GaoGaiGar episodes 47-49 (End)

GaoGaiGar complete series torrent

Enjoy all this stuff.


– The_Soulforged