New releases update… GaoGaiGar finished and new series started, General Daimos!!!

Here is the update for the new episodes released during these past weeks. We have finished another long project, GaoGaiGar, and we have started a new project for your pleasure, General Daimos. We released RAW for episode 1 in the past and now we bring you the complete shit with its subtitles and all.

  • General Daimos episodes 1 & 2

Episode 01 torrent

Episode 02 torrent

  • The Big O episode 03
  • Tekkaman Blade episodes 40-43
  • GaoGaiGar episodes 47-49 (End)

GaoGaiGar complete series torrent

Enjoy all this stuff.


– The_Soulforged


8 Responses to “New releases update… GaoGaiGar finished and new series started, General Daimos!!!”

  1. thanks for doing Daimos, hope you will also pick Voltes V, very popular anime here in the Philippines it was banned before finishing its run with the five remaining episodes during martial law in the 70’s. Primarily because of its anti dictatorial theme it took almost 20 years for it to finish its run in local television.

  2. Thanks for working on Daimos! I’ve been watching a lot of classic anime and Toshou Daimos was one of the series I was hoping to find subbed. I remember watching some of this as a kid, just watching the opening sequence was definitely a natsukashii moment!

  3. ooakatsuki Says:

    I was wondering if there is a needed sound codec to play GaoGaiGar… Because when I try to play it on DivX, it doesn’t work, but when I play it on WMP, it works, but it doesn’t have any sound… any idea what’s going on? 😡

  4. Hi! I’m trying to download this torrent, but even though therer are 7 seeders, I’m not getting any progress. And I saterted it months ago. Its still on 0%.. Can you help me please?

  5. PS: I’m talking about complete Gaogaigar

  6. Thanks for subbing Daimos. I hope you guys get to finish it sometime. Been looking for it everywhere. Much respect!

  7. Hi, i’m vietnamese and also a big fan of your gaogaigar project, i hope you can give me permission to make vietnamese translation base on your work for my people here, hope you reply soon – Sr for my bad english !!!

  8. The Fantom Convoy Says:

    I love the work that you did on GaoGaiGar. It’s not particularly 100% accurate, but it’s good for the most part, even better than Anime in action’s work in some aspects though in others they got it right.
    Anyways, yours was what I used to hard code subtitles into the HD version of GaoGaiGar.

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