New Stuff!!!

Not really new. I just didn’t update the blog. If you want to stay tuned for more new releases, idle in our IRC channel.

Stuff released:

  • Panzer World Galient 2-3
  • Toshou Daimos 03
  • The Big O 4-10
  • New Series!!! Record of Lodoss War OVA (R2J) 1-4
  • New Series!!! Monster (R2J) 1-2



– The_Soulforged


33 Responses to “New Stuff!!!”

  1. Congratulations on starting both Record of Lodoss War and MONSTER!!!!

    Will you manage to finish Monster? We’ll wait, just don’t drop it!

    PS: and I still hope that you will pick up Vampire Princess Miyu (TV)!

    Wish you all the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. solamnic Says:

    Haha loved Lodoss War… waiting anxiously for the release ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. fastfox Says:

    Monster! How great is that? Awesome!

  4. DK Elric Says:

    could you send me an e-mail for contact?

  5. Just found this website and I must say that all the Anime there is here is completely amazing for me at least, because almost all of them are just the kind of pieces I have always loved!! >__<

    One thing, Iยดm almost dying for knowing what Manga or Anime the charachters of the banner of this web are from! Thanks in advance and great work!!

  6. I gotta say, me and my buddy Dave just found this site when I was telling him which Gunbuster torrent to get (I’d found yours on a third-party site). We love what you’re doing here. Keep it up, you magnificent renegades!

  7. GP still alive?

  8. thanks for episode 6

  9. And thanks for Daimos ep7, as well as the recent Patlabor efforts.
    I hope this is a signal that G_P will keep the great quality subs coming!

  10. thanks for episode 7

  11. Don’t worry, I’ll keep translating, it won’t always be at a steady pace though, but we’ll get there.;)

    Great job to the subber for daimos 7, i’ll start translating 8 soon.;)

  12. I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying getting to see Daimos with English subtitles. I’ve literally been waiting over 20 years to see this series subtitled.

    Big thanks to hothitsu and anyone else involved in the project. Keep up the good work!

  13. thanks for daimos episode 8

  14. For those that do not know yet, episode 9 is out.
    Having his plans foiled time and time again by Kazuya and Daimos, Richter decides to rely on a Baam warrior by the name of Gurney Halleck.

    This episode has some nice fight scenes, not to mention more of the typical Daimos drama.

    I hope you will enjoy watching it and all the episodes yet to come!

  15. Anyone available to seed Tekkaman Blade?

  16. zhuzhu8376 Says:

    long time no updates…..

  17. mangamuscle Says:

    *knock* *knock*

  18. Where is the torrents for Escaflowne (remastered)?!

  19. please seed Zipang Q.Q

  20. no seeds for torrents and no bots at the irc channel
    your group might as well be dead

  21. So, I’ve been wondering about the top banner since I fist saw it, who are the characters on it and what are they from?

  22. getter21 Says:

    @ GFJ
    Mecha musume, try google for more information

  23. I wonder if this is a “long and temporary” stall, and we can expect an accomplishment of the remaining series. You are subbing some of the best classic anime’s from my childhood. I’m glad that you managed to complete the Tekkaman Blade series. Your work is a lot better than Liquid-Anime which used to sub that show. Thanks a lot for great work, and if you can, then write some note about future plans. Are you going to continue or just quit? It would be good to know ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Your Future Says:

    More bullshit unplayable 10bit encodes. I won’t be saving them.

  25. I’ve a question – are u dead?

  26. Is Toshou Daimos dead project?

  27. Would love to get some of your encodes! Alas, your IRC is dead.

  28. dead group is dead

    Toshou Daimos was never meant to be

  29. UBDED

  30. I MISS YOU

  31. sasapesso Says:

    It has been five years. It pains me every time I find a dead sub group.

  32. It’s six years now… T__T

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