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More new releases after a long time!!!

Posted in Saint Seiya Hades ~Chapter Elysion~, Tekkaman Blade, Terra e... (2007 series) on August 2, 2009 by The_Soulforged

It’s been a long time after our last release. We ran out of episodes releasing every week like 4-5+ files so we had to stop but we have prepared more episodes for you guys. So here are the new shit for you:

  • Saint Seiya Hades ~Chapter Elysion~ episode 01v2 (now with softsubs, ordered chapters with separate OP/ED and more stuff) -> Torrent link
  • Towards the Terra episode 13
  • Tekkaman Blade episode 28

(G_P)_Saint_Seiya_Hades_(Chapter_Elysion)_01v2_[ACCB481F].mkv - 00000

(G_P) Toward the Terra 13(x264)(0A7DC17C).mkv - 00000

(G_P) Tekkaman Blade 28(x264)(CD281EC9).mkv - 00000

As I’ve said in some previous posts, I’ve been preparing also more new series for you pleasure (one mecha, one space related and one non-mecha) so better stay in touch with us.


– The_Soulforged


Weekly releases (05.01-09.01)… another series started, Saint Seiya Hades ~Chapter Elysion~!

Posted in Saint Seiya Hades ~Chapter Elysion~, Terra e... (2007 series), Votoms (Remastered) on January 9, 2009 by The_Soulforged

Here are the updated for this week’s releases. We have started anothe series for your pleasure, this time is Saint Seiya Hades ~Chapter Elysion~ in full G_P quality: fully fansubbed project, great video quality extracted from the R2J DVDs, great audio quality, karaoked, etc. You can get it from IRC or with the torrent link. Here is this and the other stuff released:

  • Saint Seiya Hades ~Chapter Elysion~ OVA 01  ->  Elysion 01 torrent link
  • Towards the Terra episode 09
  • Votoms (Remastered) episodes 40 & 41

Hope you’ll enjoy the new releases.


– The_Soulforged