We are in need of some staff. The main position wanted are:

  • Japanese->English translators
  • Experienced karaokers/AFX

But let us know if you think you can help us in some other way (bot providers, good BT distro, etc). Please contact us in our IRC channel or leave here some comment if you are interested in joining, we have very cool projects awaiting to be done.

– The_Soulforged


3 Responses to “* STAFF WANTED”

  1. iosomewhere Says:

    Soulforged,I think I could help out with the translation !
    Especially Moonlight Mile Season 2 !
    Please contact me !


  2. Sent you an email to the one you used here. No answer yet. For further talking you can also contact me in our IRC channel (see link on the right side).


  3. Sorry, I didn’t know where to post this since there was no contact form, plus I suck at IRC, never could get it to work properly.

    Now to the point, a friend of mine is willing to pay you to have the Brave series subbed:


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