White-Base’s Zeta Gundam on torrent and Direct Download

In case no one of you have noticed, the release of Zeta Gundam done by our previous group, White-Base, is being uploaded on torrent. As we know many of you are already looking for this, you might want to try these new torrents. Note that these uploads hasn’t been done by any of us so don’t come asking for support about them (reseeds, bad crcs and such crap). Here are the torrents for the batches:


Episodes 1-10

Episodes 11-20

Episodes 21-30

Episodes 31-40

Episodes 41-50 [End]

Complete Series Torrent

The episodes (all of them) are also in Megaupload Direct Download so maybe you want to grab them from there. The link is:


Props to MaxMillion (the torrent uploader, whoever he/she is) and the Megaupload uploader for bringing out again this old but awesome series.


– The_Soulforged

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